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Studying philosophy...
Kant, I hate you!
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Hi guys!
How are you?
I know I didn't write here for a quite long time, but I'm still alive, don't worry (Y)
Just having no time for everything...I should update my story and upload some works, but I can't find time...
And sometimes I drag and drop the wrong thing in the wrong group -_-''
(:iconfallen-rebels: that's the reason there's a thing not about BVB in the works that wait for the decision to be added in the gallery -.-)
See you soon! xo
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  • Watching: Bryan Stars Interview #6 with Black Veil Brides
Watching right now the #6 Bryan Stars's interview with Black Veil Brides...
I'm at the moment they read 50 Shades of Grey.
UNF Andy's voice is too much *ovaries explode*
I should stop writing dirty things for my LOTB based fanfic but this drives me again to write saaaassy things °Q°
I've watched this lots of times but I never noticed that Andy kinda "pants" while Bryan tries not to laugh loud...

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
I've got butterflies in the stomach. He has taken me to his cabin, I'm on his bed and he's taking care of blood flushed to his cheeks when he touched my lips. I blush too, and not a little bit.
The space between us decreases slowly...I hesitate, then I throw my arms around Andy's neck. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply...after a few seconds his lips crash on mine.
I'm so weak that I feel like I'm launched up in the air when he lays on the wooden planks and pulls me over him, taking my breath away with his mouth on mine and the close contact...only my shredded tank top divides me from his slender and pale body that's clothed with a leather jacket and something like a light scarf wrapped around his chest. One hand of his seeks spasmodically for one of mine to intertwine fingers while the heat of the kiss grows; I gently stroke his naked hips with my free hand, then he trembles and undresses himself for a half, quickly. I stray from him a bit, panting and feeling dizzy, then I make eye contact with him; his eyes are so full of desire that I falter, his hands intertwine softly in my hair and then he pushes me down towards his mouth...toward the abyss. The kiss intensifies; his warm tongue tickles my lips, asking; they "answer", then his tongue enters and plays sensuously and slowly with mine; his body tenses and arches against mine...I sink my teeth in his collarbone and he jolts and gasps; he groans faintly while I linger and tickle a sensitive spot on his neck. Suddenly he takes my hands and pushes them against the pale skin of his chest, making me feel his craving for my touch. I move, with a bit of difficulty, and I start trailing the tip of the tongue along the hollows of his ribs, my self-control falters more and more while the guy under me shivers more and more...I bite slightly a soft spot, he chokes a cry and pulls my hair, but I don't stop; he stops me shortly and claims my mouth hard; he pushes me against him and I feel something that makes me blush even more.
After what seems a very long time Andy parts his lips from mine, panting, with his cheeks coloured with a dark shade of pink. I'm afraid that something has gone wrong and the magic of this moment will vanish...but then he smiles. His sweet and angelic smile makes me go to the seventh sky, the corners of my mouth lift themselves automatically when he hugs me.
«Are you fine?»
«Like never before.»
«Are you sure?»
«Oh yes!»
Andy smiles again, then he lays me again on the bed and sits near me, after dressing up again.
«Do you think that...» I start, but I stop, not sure about saying or not saying the thing that just popped in my head.
«What?» he asks, looking at me and smiling.
«Do you think that...uhm...the others will know about this? How do you think they will, uhm, react?»
The dark-haired guy passes a hand through his hair, before answering. «It's something about my private life. It'll be okay if someone gets to know it, but I don't care about the reaction. Mh, this isn't even a 'thing', it's a 'relation with a wonderful and badass girl who has made me fall for her'.»
I blush. «Why me, among many girls who are more beautiful than me?»
«I think you already know you can't choose the person to fall in love with. I appreciate the other girls because they're rebels and good fighters, but only you attracted me and made me fall in love, the sparkle ignited only with you.»
I smile and blush more, my face is becoming like a tomato. «Do you want me to become as red as a pepper?»
«I'm just saying the truth!» he laughs, caressing one of my red cheeks.
«How long do I have to stay like this?» I groan, restless, half-closing my eyes when I feel his touch.
«At least ten more minutes» he answers, gently pushing me down. «It's better, if you don't want to fall again!»
«Okay, okay» I answer, pouting, then my stomach starts to rumble awkwardly.
«You're hungry, huh? I'm going to find something you can eat» he adds, standing up and searching for something in a corner of the room, then he comes back with a few candies in a hand. «Eat them, you'll feel better.»
I accept the sweets happily, then I eat them and I feel they taste very good; energy starts to increase quickly.
«Hereafter, you have to start to eat regularly again, if you don't I will feed you!» Andy playfully menaces me, pointing a finger toward me.
«Oh, it has to be a cute thing, being feed by the Prophet» I laugh and rib him, then he revenges quickly tickling me.
«Oh my God no Andy I beg you stop I'm ticklish!!!» I shout and wag as much as my forces allow me to.
«Oh, no, nobody makes a fool of the Prophet and goes unpunished!» he sneers, stopping. «But I'll make an exception for you» he pinches me on a cheek.
«I'm honoured!» I say, pulling out my tongue. He approeaches and tries to kiss me but I shrink away laughing.
«You little naughty!» suddenly Andy starts again to tickle me.
«No no no Andy!! I apologize! Mercy on meeee!» I beg, trying to break free.
«Okay, I'll be merciful» he whispers and kisses me on the top of my lips before sitting.
«Kiss me again!» I exclaim, pulling one of his arms.
«You like it very much, huh?» he mocks me, smiling, then he lowers and kisses me slowly, making my blood boil and my hearbeat speed up...then someone knocks at the door and cuts us off.
«Come in!» he says, after straying from me unwillingly, with a slight snort.
It's one of his colleagues, and there are other people behind him.
«We've come to see Kendra, can we come in?» Ashley asks, cautious.
«Of course you can» Andy nods, inviting them with a gesture of a hand. «I'd recommend you to close the door after you all enter.»
Christian, Jake, Jinxx and even Jared enter in the room with the dark-haired guy with Native American facial features.
«So, how is she?» my best friend asks, anxious to know.
«She had a faint, now she's fine» Andy answers, smiling a bit. «Anxiety made her lost hunger but she didn't want to stop her training, so she became weak...but she promised me she will start to eat regularly so she will be fine when we'll have to fight, and I've threatened her I'll feed her if she doesn't eat!»
Everyone laughs after hearing the Prophet's sentence.
«Wouldn't it be easier if you threatened her to feed her corking her nose and discharging the food in her mouth?» Christian suggests, bursting out laughing with the others.
«Oh no, I'm not this rude!» Andy defends himself jokingly, frowning.
«Oooh! Are you hiding something to us, our dear Andrew Dennis Biersack?» Ashley inquires, with a malicious smile.
«Maybe yes, maybe not...who knows?» his mate answers, with the face of who knows and doesn't want to talk.
«Ahaaaaa! Our Prophet is in love!» eveybody teases him.
«Yes, I am, so what?» he replies, pulling out his tongue.
«Nothing, boss! We're really happy for you!» they chorus, with a toothy smile. «And the lucky girl is...?»
In that moment Andy kisses me and I blush.
«...Kendra?!» Jake murmurs, wide-eyed. One moment of silence, then the room is filled with delighted sounds and playful shouts.
«We knew it! We knew you were in love with her! You're not good at hiding things!» Jinxx says, laughing; I'm surprised by seeing him so happy and smiling 'cause I'm used to his usual composure.
«Okay, now stop being noisy, Kendra is still weak and it's better not to deafen her» Andy declares, asking them to calm down a bit.
«As you wish, boss!» they say with the "attention!" gesture, playfully; Andy raises his eyes to the sky, then laughs.
«Get well soon!» they wish me, going out of the room and leaving us alone finally.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi everyone! :3
I'm Serena, but if you want you can also call me Stormy or Yuki, I'm 18 and I'm Italian. :3

Music is my life and my painkiller! Here's a little list of what I like:
Black Veil Brides, Cinema Bizarre, Blood On The Dance Floor, Linkin Park, Nightwish, Rammstein, Arch Enemy, Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate, Skillet, Disturbed, Slipknot, Butcher Babies, Children Of Bodom, Muse, Green Day, Sum 41...
and more!

I dress according to what I like and I don't like labels.
My dressing style is mainly rocker, with some goth/grunge/emo influences.
My hobbies are singing, playing piano and guitar, writing, drawing, daydreaming, cosplaying.

I've found the man of my life and I'm happily in love, and my dream is to have a beautiful life with wonderful people doing good things. ♥

Current Residence: Belvedere Marittimo, CS, Italy
Favourite genre of music: All genres, but especially rock and metal. ♥
Favourite style of art: Gothic, Baroque, Classic Greek, Roman
  • Mood: Tired
Hi guys!
How are you?
I know I didn't write here for a quite long time, but I'm still alive, don't worry (Y)
Just having no time for everything...I should update my story and upload some works, but I can't find time...
And sometimes I drag and drop the wrong thing in the wrong group -_-''
(:iconfallen-rebels: that's the reason there's a thing not about BVB in the works that wait for the decision to be added in the gallery -.-)
See you soon! xo

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