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Andy Biersack, Wretched and Divine by SkullYukiru369
Andy Biersack, Wretched and Divine
Another new drawing! Tbh I drew this before than the other I uploaded minutes ago xD
And, about the other drawing, soon I'll upload another version of that one, inspired to a BVB4 song :3 be prepared! xD
Hope you like it!
Andy Biersack 2013 by SkullYukiru369
Andy Biersack 2013
A new drawing, yay! Well, it's not the only one, I didn't have time to upload them here, just now I'm having a bit of time xD
Hope you like it!
«What's the situation?»
Andy scratches his head before answering me, frowning a bit. «The enemy keeps being near but does not attack yet. I'm starting to think about taking advantage of this situation with a surprise effect.»
«That's not a bad idea» I nod. «What's the situation about weapons and soldiers?»
«One shadow warrior, as the ones you met, is too strong for one person, and they are like ten or's quite a problem» he says, frowning more. «Then, they have human soldiers. During one of the last fight I saw they've got a good number of both male and female fighters; they're not very skilled, but they're sly and quite spiteful.»
«How many we are?»
«We're not many more than them. But we've got people with special skills!» he smiles and winks at me while saying the last words.
«Oh, you embarrass me a bit this way!» I remonstrate, blushing.
«You don't have to be embarrassed, baby» he coaxes me while hugging me. «If you've got a special skill, it's right to give you credit!»
I smile, then I kiss him on a cheek; he returns the kiss but on my lips, making me go on tilt.
«I've got a bit of fear, you know?» I admit, tightening the hug.
«Why, darling?»
«I'm afraid of the battle, first of all, 'cause I've never fought in my life, even if I trained myself I'm not less scared...but there's more...»
«Well, I was already afraid that something bad can happen to someone of us, but now it's worse...what will we do, in the war?»
«We've got the same special skill, so I suggest to fight side by side...but I understand your fear and, honestly, I feel the same, especially now that I have you. But remember, I'm a hard bone, I won't let them get rid of me easily, you can be sure of that.»
We look at each other, then his lips eagerly meet mine; after a long contact, we stop to regain breath and lock ourselves in a tight hug.
«Everything will be fine...sooner or later even this war will end» Andy murmurs, stroking me on the back.
«I hope so...» I answer, timorous and trustful at the same time. I nuzzle into his neck and I lose myself in his scent, an inebriating mix of Old Spice and tobacco.
«Andy?» I mutter, after a while.
«Yes, baby?»
«Is there on the ship something to cut hair?»
«Sure. What do you want to do?»
«I want to give a token cut to my past. I haven't done it yet.»
We get up and go to the common bathroom on the ship; Andy makes a stop in his cabin, then he catches me up with something in the hands.
«What do you need, scissors or a shaving machine?» he asks, observing me carefully.
«Why, do you even have some electronic stuff on this secular ship?!» I say, eyes wide.
«Oh yes, we use a shaving machine with a solar charge battery! Ecology's magic!» he says while doing a gesture like he's casting a spell.
«Oh, funny man! It's okay.»
The guy opens the bundle and picks up the clean, black and lucid shaving machine.
«What do you want to do to your hair?» he asks then, examining my head while waiting for my answer; I'll let him cut my hair 'cause without a big mirror I can't do it by myself.
«Shave my hair on both sides of my head» I say.
Andy looks at my long and savage hair, then at my face. «Are you copying me or what?!» he says with a grimace on his face and pulling his tongue out.
«It's not my fault if we like almost the same things» I reply, doing the same gesture. «It's a useful thing after all, you'll recognize me easily in the battle if we get divided.»
«As you wish» he smiles. «Do you want me to also fix your bangs?»
«Why not?»
The black-haired guy sighs, then he starts his work; fifteen minutes later, many locks of my hair lie on the floor; hair is only a few millimeters long on both sides of my head, my bangs are now shorter and more uneven, the rest of it is still long down my back and is uneven too.
«You're so beautiful» Andy whispers, caressing me on a cheek.
«You're beautiful, too» I whisper back and approach to kiss him.
In that moment Christian enters into the bathroom; at first he stays still, looking at the strands on the floor, then he looks at us.
«Can I make myself a wig with those locks? You surely don't need them anymore!» he bursts in a loud laugh.
«If you really want you can!» I laugh too while hugging a laughing Andy who says «Oh, man!».


SkullYukiru369's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi everyone! :3
I'm Serena, but if you want you can also call me Stormy or Yuki, I'm 18 and I'm Italian. :3

Music is my life and my painkiller! Here's a little list of what I like:
Black Veil Brides, Cinema Bizarre, Blood On The Dance Floor, Linkin Park, Nightwish, Rammstein, Arch Enemy, Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate, Skillet, Disturbed, Slipknot, Butcher Babies, Children Of Bodom, Muse, Green Day, Sum 41...
and more!

I dress according to what I like and I don't like labels.
My dressing style is mainly rocker, with some goth/grunge/emo influences.
My hobbies are singing, playing piano and guitar, writing, drawing, daydreaming, cosplaying.

I've found the man of my life and I'm happily in love, and my dream is to have a beautiful life with wonderful people doing good things. ♥

Current Residence: Belvedere Marittimo, CS, Italy
Favourite genre of music: All genres, but especially rock and metal. ♥
Favourite style of art: Gothic, Baroque, Classic Greek, Roman
  • Mood: Tired
Merry Christmas to everyone!
Yeah, late wishes, tomorrow already is the last day of the year. c.c
I couldn't be active in the last days, I had things to do and no time for pc, forgive me T.T
And on 26th Andy turned 24 *---* ajhsdgfakhsjdg *fangirls hard*
Yesterday instead Yu Phoenix turned 26 *0* *fangirls hard again*
Soooo, I don't know when I'll be active again v.v
Happy New Year to everyone! xoxo

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