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Relief :iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 1 0
Daron Malakian cosplay 4 :iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 6 5 Daron Malakian cosplay 3 :iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 3 0 Daron Malakian cosplay 2 :iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 1 0 Daron Malakian cosplay 1 :iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 2 4
Free fall
Then I lost myself
in free fall,
I drowned into
an abyss.
My mind abandoned me
on the verge
of the gorge...
At the bottom
there were only
dark pain,
dark void,
dark irrationality...
Rocks hurt me,
I saw
drops of my own blood...
Then I started
the climb
to get back
in the end
I did it.
:iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 1 4
How I feel when I'm around you | Cover 2 :iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 2 2
How I feel when I'm around you - Ch.13
«Good morning!» I greet the guys, joining them in the kitchen.
«Good morning to you!» Shavo and the others answer.
«Are you guys okay? Did you have some issues because of too much food?»
«I think John farted all night long» Serj says «I heard some strange noises.»
John turns and glares at him. «That's not true!»
«Who knows...»
«Good morning world!»
The shouted salute of the guitarist makes us jump scared; Shavo glares at Daron, who ignores him and approaches happily.
«Next time you try to wake us up so early on Christmas day I'll beat the shit out of you, got it gnome?» the singer says, with a death stare.
«C'mon, old man!» he answers nonchalantly, trying to pat him on the back, but he dodges and tries to pinch him.
«Hey!!! How do you dare?!»
«I dare, what's the problem?» Serj catches Daron and rubs energically a fist on his head, earning some more complaints
:iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 0 0
How I feel when I'm around you - Ch.12
I resurface from the unconsciousness of the sleep, hearing some noises of undefined kind and origin; I open my eyes and see the first sun rays coming in from the window and then I identify the sounds: the evil-gnome guitarist is molesting his band mates trying to make them get up. It reminds me of kids who wake their parents up in the early Christmas morning only because they've slept enough and want to open their presents.
«For God's sake, Daron, it's 7.30 in the morning!» John complains.
«Malakian, if you don't go back to bed in two seconds I'll slice you up and cook for the Christmas lunch!» Serj roars.
«But it's Christmas and I can't sleep anymore and I want you to be with me for the presents!» the guitarist groans with a childish voice.
«Christmas or not, it's too early!»
I get up and peep out of the door, focusing the profile of the guy and then his face; his pout is so cute... I have an idea.
«If you want some company before they wake
:iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 0 2
How I feel when I'm around you - Ch.11
«Okay, I gotta stop, I'm about to explode» Shavo slurs, falling on the couch near John.
«Ahahah, you suck» Daron replies while taking the last mouthful of food.
«And I, instead of eating a shitload of stuff, eat light» Serj says peacefully.
«Well, you're a vegetarian so barely half of Christmas typical food is suitable for you...»
«The girl isn't kidding, though» Daron then adds, turning to face me.
«I'm tiny but this doesn't affect the fact that I eat a lot» I shoot back, grimacing. «That's called fast metabolism.»
«Ahah, I know.»
«Well, what about doing something while waiting for midnight?» the singer suggests, standing up.
«Something like hanging around in the house and kissing each other under the mistletoe, sincere there's almost a field of it everywhere?» John says, laughing.
«How witty, Dolmayan» the other returns.
«Is a classic "truth or dare" too mainstream for y
:iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 0 4
How I feel when I'm around you - Ch.10
«Good evening! Come in!» the bassist welcomes me on the doorstep, with a wide smile.
«Thank you!» I smile, entering with my bag; the guy tries to take it but I stop him. «Thank you but I'll carry it by myself, it's a kind of training so it'll be easier to get back in shape after eating too much as it usually happens in the holidays» I decline his offer giggling, then I look around. «You did a very good job with the decorations, the house is so cozy and beautiful now.»
«Thanks to me!» a familiar and loud voice comes from the kitchen.
«Pfff, Malakian, you scarcely reached the other half of the tree while decorating it!» Shavo returns. They're quite childish, but they're so funny.
«Odadjian, take back your words in five seconds or the evil gnome will come and take his vengeance!» the pitch of the guitarist's voice rises.
After a few moments Daron appears in my sight, wearing an apron on which there's
:iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 0 9
How I feel when I'm around you - Ch.9
I still can't believe it.
Shavo and the guys invited me to spend Christmas with them at their house!
I was already preparing myself to spend this holiday in a miserable way as already done in the years before, but instead I'll have company and it'll be a Christmas with a real "family" made of people who appreciate me as I am, make me feel good and don't judge me as my biological family did.
I'm so excited!
After coming home from work, since I've got nothing to do, I already start packing, better early than late. I open my closet and in that moment I realize I haven't got too much formal or elegant clothes that are suitable for a holiday like this, then I think that Serj and the guys probably won't wear tuxedos, so it isn't a really big issue... after quickly writing a list of things I need I start picking up stuff and putting it in a bag. I'll take with me my most "formal" shoes, my black creepers, along with my Dr Martens; I add another little bag filled with whites, socks and
:iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 0 6
How I feel when I'm around you - Ch.8
Once we've arrived in the shop we snoop around; the place is big and clean. We catch a glimpse of Nikki who's busy tidying up things; she recognizes us when she lifts her head up and happily waves, then goes back to her work.
«Hello, how can I help you?»
A man appears in front of us: he's not older than 30 and has got foxy hair, eyes of a dull green and a bunch of freckles on cheeks and nose, after all he's got a nice appearance. The first impression of him tells me he's a good guy.
«Hello, are you the owner of this ship?»
«In flesh and bone!» he answers, smiling. «My name's Derek. What can I do for you?»
«We need to talk to you privately» I begin, composedly.
«Sure» he nods gently «unluckily my office is temporarily out of order, so we'll have to do it in the courtyard in the back of the shop.»
«No problem» I reply. Well, everything seems to be okay and easy for now, where's the trick?
We follow the guy an
:iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 0 7
How I feel when I'm around you - Ch.7
«Good morning» Daron yawns coming in the kitchen.
«Good morning to you, sleepyhead!» I answer, sitting at the table and having breakfast; Serj waves, too busy eating to talk.
«How can you be so spry in the early morning?» he mutters back, sitting and fighting to keep his eyes open.
«Are you blind? When did you see me being spry?» I laugh, trying not to choke myself with the food «I'm just in a good mood, but it doesn't necessarily mean I'm peppy.»
«Share your joy with me so I'll rejoice with you» he says, pointing his elbows on the table, with his heads between the hands.
«I will, but we have to wait for John to join us.»
«Okay, got it, wait here, I'll call him» Daron jumps up and goes towards the stairs but stops near there.
«Dolmayan, report!» he shouts, as if he's a general calling a soldier.
Ten seconds later we hear the drummer's voice coming from upstairs and muttering something while he goe
:iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 0 4
Daron Malakian portrait (new) :iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 2 4 Daron Malakian portrait (first attempt :iconskullyukiru369:SkullYukiru369 3 2


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi everyone! :3
I'm Serena, but if you want you can also call me Stormy or Yuki, I'm 20 and I'm Italian. :3

Music is my life and my painkiller! Here's a little list of what I like:
Black Veil Brides, Cinema Bizarre, Blood On The Dance Floor, Linkin Park, System Of A Down, Nightwish, Rammstein, Arch Enemy, Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate, Skillet, Disturbed, Slipknot, Butcher Babies, Children Of Bodom, Muse, Green Day, Sum 41...
and more!

I dress according to what I like and I don't like labels.
My dressing style is mainly rocker, with some goth/grunge/emo influences.
My hobbies are singing, playing piano and guitar, writing, drawing, daydreaming, cosplaying.

I've found the man of my life and I'm happily in love, and my dream is to have a beautiful life with wonderful people doing good things. ♥
  • Listening to: Scars On Broadway - Insane
Tagged by :icondarkshadow1998:, thanks for the tag! :D

1. Choose seven songs that have impacted you
2. Name of song and band
3. How did they?
4. Tag at least 3 deviants

1. Linkin Park - Numb
I listened to this song for the first time when I was 10 thanks to a Dragon Ball Z AMV on Youtube and yeah, it impacted me because I had never heard anything similar before; until a certain age I only listened to what was on TV or radio, even though I was already a bit into rock (it was the music I listened to more willingly, I already knew some songs from Evanescence or Green Day when I was 10) and nothing was like this. Useless to say, in the years I've kept going on listening to Linkin Park and I actually like them a lot, but I don't define myself as a "true fan".
2. Cinema Bizarre - Lovesongs (They kill me)
Well, Cinema Bizarre has been my first serious band crush just at the start of my teen age and I particularly loved this song of theirs; it speaks about feeling out of place, feeling hurt by the others, I related to these lyrics as well as to others. This band is one of the biggest reasons why I am the way I am now, they made me learn that it's okay to be different and to dress as I like and they've been a big part of my life.
3. Black Veil Brides - Lost it all
It isn't the first song of this band I listened to (that one was "Knives and pens", found through Youtube suggestions), but I think it impacted my life because the band's third album came out in one of my darkest times of the last years, I cried the first time I listened to this song and I felt like some songs of the album kinda "spoke" to me, I felt like this music could understand me as if being a real person. That's why I finally became a BVB fan and I still am, even though not obsessing over them as I did before.
4. System Of A Down - Toxicity
Speaking again of songs I listened to casually... I listened to this song for the first time in my dad's jeep, he didn't know he had this song in his music database, but my sister's bf (the one she was with at that time) said "Please let it play!" and so I listened for the first time to this band, finding that the sound was very very original. During the years I've found some other songs of them I liked like "Chop suey" and "Aerials" that is one of my fave songs from them, and the last years I definitely became a fan of them, a kind of late fan but better late than never, no?
5. Godsmack - I stand alone
This song has impacted my life in a way that's different from the other songs' way of affecting my life: for this song it happened as for the n°1 song of this list, I discovered it thanks to a DBZ AMV but I didn't know the title nor the artist. Through all these years, I occasionally went back to my researches hoping to find it; thanks to a site (I don't remember its name right now) and to the little bit I remembered I found out two songs that kinda sounded like this song ("Fight for all the wrong reasons" by Nickelback and also "Aerials" by SOAD), but only this year I found it thanks to SongPop, a game I play on Facebook, because the song appeared in a playlist called "2000's Hard Rock" and I was unbelievably happy when I became sure it was the song I seeked for 10 long years!
6. Disturbed - Indestructible
Even though I don't define myself as a Disturbed fan I actually appreciate their music and my bf is a fan of theirs. This song came to have an impact on my life because I listened to it a lot during my last rough periods, giving me strength and convincing me that I might really be "indestructible" and someone the "enemies" would have to recognize as "invincible"; not because of a physical strength, but just because of an inner, spiritual strength that kept me going through all these years and through many dark times (loss of friends, drama caused by ex friends and the pain of discovering their lies, the loss of my grandparents, etc.), in spite of being sometimes so tired of fighting I said "I wouldn't mind if tomorrow I didn't wake up". I'm actually considering to add the name of this song to the design of the first tattoo I'll get because this word now means a lot to me.
7. Ricky Martin ft. Meja - Private emotion
Yeah, I'm such a rock and metal fan but I also have a very soft side and I still listen to some of the stuff I listened to when I was a child. This song could be another one in a possible list named "Songs I discovered casually", I listened to it for the first time when I was like 5-6 years old and liked a lot the sound; some time ago I re-listened to it after a long time and now that I'm older and that I know English better I understood what the song is about. (Just so you know, this song is actually in the playlist for my SOAD story, I thought it could fit the story haha)

1. :iconcantsingatall:
2. :iconalicka18:
3. :icona7xfan666:


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