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I still can't believe it.
Shavo and the guys invited me to spend Christmas with them at their house!
I was already preparing myself to spend this holiday in a miserable way as already done in the years before, but instead I'll have company and it'll be a Christmas with a real "family" made of people who appreciate me as I am, make me feel good and don't judge me as my biological family did.
I'm so excited!

After coming home from work, since I've got nothing to do, I already start packing, better early than late. I open my closet and in that moment I realize I haven't got too much formal or elegant clothes that are suitable for a holiday like this, then I think that Serj and the guys probably won't wear tuxedos, so it isn't a really big issue... after quickly writing a list of things I need I start picking up stuff and putting it in a bag. I'll take with me my most "formal" shoes, my black creepers, along with my Dr Martens; I add another little bag filled with whites, socks and tights. Half of the baggage is done, I only need to add clothes.
While going through all the apparel my eyes settle on something I didn't even remember I took with me: a short and black velvet dress. Pictures come up in my mind, one of me wearing that dress, and another of me noticing Daron's gaze stuck on me.
I smack myself on the forehead, trying to stop that fantasy.
How the hell did this come up in my mind?
My brain is conspiring against myself, great...
However I pick up the dress and put it in the luggage together with a short tartan skirt, various jumpers and sweaters and two pairs of jeans (one of which is shredded). Well, my things are ready, I'll add the last things the day before... I hope that in the meanwhile my mind won't start going against myself building up fantasies and mental trips about a certain guitarist.

The day before Christmas Eve I wake up late in the morning in a peaceful state of mind: my holidays started today and I've received my pay and I'm so happy!
While having breakfast I take some time for thinking; I'd really like to make a present for each one of the guys, but I don't know them well and I don't know what to buy, so for now their present will be my presence as Shavo said and I'll also help them doing things.
Taking a break from the chores during the day, I text Shavo.
"When can I come tomorrow?"
"Whenever you want!"
"I texted you 'cause I dunno, better if you tell me"
"Ok, come in the afternoon, even late"
Later in the evening I fall asleep easily and smiling, as rarely happens.
New chapter! The story is already translated until the last part I wrote, but soon I'll have exams so I highly doubt I'll be able to write, translate and update here :c
Anyway, let me know what do you think of this and feel free to comment c:
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CantSingAtAll Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I like how she just pictures Daron looking at her in love. Cute, except that Serj and Daron are cuter, if ya know what I mean...

Awesome as always though! :D
But Serj and Daron... Seron; Darj
SkullYukiru369 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I'm not sure Nikki is already picturing Daron looking at her in love, but her mind goes against herself and paints a picture of Daron noticing her at least and maybe thinking she's beautiful... she isn't already in love and neither he is, but that's how things start often :D
I know you ship the SerjxDaron couple a lot, but this is a hetero story, sorry u.u maybe in the future I'll write something about Seron... (Seron is the right name for the couple)
CantSingAtAll Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Kk. :[

I just really like Giraffe and Gnome. They are the best! :3

I is sorrys. .-.

And next week is my birthdays! Hoorah! :iconserjishappyplz:
SkullYukiru369 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Gnome is Daron and Giraffe is Serj, I guess... xD don't worry anyway :3
Wow, birthday! How old you'll be? x3
CantSingAtAll Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I'll be 5 + 6.

I'm pretty sure you get it.

I know, I'm really young, but yeah, its too late. I say bad words cuz who cares? Its the Internet.

My age better not ruin our friendship. Will it? Cuz you're one of bestest!
SkullYukiru369 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
How could your age ruin everything? XD you silly, nothing will change :3 wow, are you this young? I thought you were even older than me...
And thanks for saying I'm one of the "bestest", aw *^*
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